I wrote my first article and publish on my personal Blog at 2013. Somtimes I wrote my thought and opinions. Sometime (mostly) just wrote random things . So it’s been 6 years that I’m maintaning my blog.

People might ask, how many monthly visitors to your blog? How many people noticing and give a postive feedback? Which article gone viral? I answer, none of them. And I never trying so hard to make it so. But it doesn’t makes me stop (trying) to write. Because I never expecting fame or profit from writing on Blog. It never was! 

I’m writing because it spark joy! It mostly become reliever too. When I scroll through my old post, for example post about new year resolutions or a year recap, I always felt grateful that mother nature gave me a lot of chances to achieve great things in life. Or read my old post about my silly tought. It’s still enjoyable too because then I know I’m growing as a human being.

So guys, just write it and thank me later!