Someone told me that the first 5 years of running business is the hardest part. I do feel like it was challenging time to start business without any proper business background and proper working capital. The only thing I know was to playing with the code, at least.

I have been through a lot of up and down. And it was mostly struggle financially as this is the only job I do full time. My life, my family is depends on it.

The 5 years milestone is a very important remarks for the next big things I want to achieve in life.

Out of the cage, again

The first five years of my career started outside my home town, which I’m grateful for that. It was gave me a bunch of experiences, networks that shape me as an entrepreneur as I’m today.

As I live and work far my home, I was always want to do something matters for my home town. I have accomplish this on the last five years of building Sawala. And I think it is the time for me to go out of the cage, again.

Before going out again, I have to make sure that my ‘cage’ is still safe and sound without my intensive involvement on everyday business operational. I want Sawala, to go beyond Sutisna-oriented company without sacraficing qualities, values and culture I hope to always see in the company.

The new comfort

My comfort zone is now being able to spend as much time as I can at home and home town, doing this Sawala things. But, I need to find my new comfort.

For the next five years, I want to take my master degree on business (MBA) and my master degree on ICT. Hopefully one of it is outside Indonesia. And want to work at multi-national company that combine my background fusion of technology and business.