The beauty of life is up and down moments. I’m always grateful with all the moments. These are my favorites:


  • We got the biggest deal ever (so far) for the company. It was 36% of this year revenue. And made it January as the top month of 2018 revenue.
  • Met in person with the super talented doodler, Bayu Baluwarta. We aggreed to initiate a project called Tahoo and Friend (hiatus).
  • Getting very busy to prepare the first and biggest event (so far) of Inimahsumedang. It was InimahTilu. An event to celebrate 3rd anniversary of Inimahsumedang. We gather and appreciate youth and creative folks on the event.


  • The InimahTilu event day


  • Finalizing last year project. It was a government project. It’s a unique project. And it’s not my favorite!
  • Had a first (and last of this year) book club meetup at Sawala Space.
  • Got involved again in the Sumedang Anniversary event. This year is my favorite!
  • Gave a presentation at one of private univ program. Not my favorite! My presentation was failed and uncomfy.


  • Getting busy for Sumedang anniv event and campaign at Inimahsumedang.
  • Met my favorite musician, Dika Trimahardika.
  • Read Jared Diamond book “Guns, Germs and Steels”
  • Involved on Kelas Inspirasi Sumedang
  • Sold my Kindle! 🙁
  • Purchase Cosmos book


  • Went to movie theater with Sawala Space folks
  • Brekfasting together with Sawala Space partners and family


  • We got our first sofa at home. And the wallpapers too


  • Raja Ampat trip for Kelas Inspirasi


  • Done with the thesis
  • Back to Google Apps training
  • Ummara’s first “Lomba Agustusan”
  • Sawala became PT Sawala Inovasi Indonesia. As a legal business entity


  • Popcon Asia 2018
  • Sawala declare as “Pengusaha Kena Pajak”. So we can collect Value Added Tax 10%. Pay it and report it to the government.


  • Got a secret project. Very proud involved on it!
  • Singapore business trip


  • All my best employees are got a new company to work
  • Got a partnership deal as software reseller
  • Google Apps admin training (solo)
  • Lowest company’s revenue was here!
  • Join QM Financial online training. It’s a good starting point to improve my financial literacy.
  • Watched Cosmos Space Time Odyssey documentary


  • Involved on another government project
  • Present on SMK teacher training
  • Barchelor graduation. Finally Sutisna, S.Kom
  • Involved on international expansion project
  • Ummara’s first visit to Bandung Zoo and Geology Museum
  • Finaly have a simple company financial report and projection for the 2019.

2019, I’m ready!