I previously written down a new year resolution with a very long list. For 2018, I will only focus on my priorities. My wishes are a 10x better of..

Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash

Revenue stream & business model

I’ve been running my business for 2 years now. Since we are bootstraping Leap Up and depends on tailor made projects to generate profit, some times in a year we were very struggle financialy. This year, I need to focus to implement new business models and alternative income sources. Like try to release several products (SaaS) we already planned for at least a year. It will be challanging, but worth to try!

Financial tracking

It’s again about financial. For 2 years, I handle the financial administration by myself. So that, I sometimes forgot to tracking well. This year, I need to start hire someone to at least tracking both my company and personal financial. I do believe, financialy better will start with how we tracking our expenses and income. So there’ll be no reason to not evaluate where the money went and to saving more.

Deep work, short working hours, engaged relationship

I already try to go to my office at 10am at last, and come back home at about 5pm. I know it’s more challanging to manage new business like this, but I have another priority to complete, like have a time for me to spend time with my family and spend time to invest in myself (for learning/reading).

Finish my bachelor degree

My academic journey is a roller coster way. I was completed the diploma for almost 4 years and currently continue the bachelor degree for 1 year. Hopeful can manage time better so that I can complete it this year.

English test

I never take the proper english test like TOEFL/IELTS. I need to start to preparing for the test. I need to be ready to continue my academic journey.

PS: No! I don’t really need a fancy car this year. May be next year(s) ? 😀